Intriguing Iceland

Iceland is adventure and truly a land of contrasts of Fire and Ice – glaciers, preposterously out of this world landscapes, midnight sun (nearly 24 hours of sun in the summer), hot springs, Viking history, one of the safest countries in the world, iced-capped volcano’s, unbelievable nature, waterfalls, adventure…Natural forms of water: ice, geysers and voracious waterfalls. Did I mention phenomenal? The movie industry is booming here so many films made here lately.04Many paths to delight in Iceland, one of the safest places to travel by jeep and explore on your own road trip or be driven with guide and driver. What’s your pleasure?

 A Few Must See Suggestions

  • The Golden Circle – An area in and around the biggest & most important National Park the UNESCO Thingellir National Park where there are an abundance of  many equally gorgeous geological sights.  This is the location where the American & Euro-Asian tectonic plates separate about a few centimeters every year.
  • Visit the Strokkur geyser which propels a stream of water approximately 94ft high!
  • See the Gullfoss waterfalls (Golden Falls)
  • Swim in The Blue Lagoon (A must!) – Bathe in a massive naturally heated pool and enjoy a massage via a powerful waterfall, cleanse your face with the mineral rich silica mud.
  • Snorkeling in the clear fissure springs
  • Ice Lagoon (South Eastern Iceland) – a long day trip probably good to stay somewhere along the way (if driving on your own) it is on the south eastern side of Iceland.
  • Exploring the main capital city, Reykjavik for the cosmopolitan cool culture side of Iceland. Arts, music, shopping.
  • The South Shore – A lovely drive to the south shore of Iceland, pass ice-capped volcano’s at Eyjafjallajokull which hangs over the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, see the legend of the Reynisfara black beach with phenomenal sea stacks (and also the sight where scenes of the movie Noah with Russell Crowe was filmed), stop at the Skogafoss (the biggest waterfalls) on your way to a glacier.
  • Hike at Laugarvegur, the most popular hiking trail in Iceland – stunning with hoursof activities and sightseeing: volcano’s, hot springs…

 Active & Alive! What to do…

  • Whale watching – There are boat tours departing from the harbor in Reykjavik – view up to 20 species of whales!
  • Hiking – Many unbelievable trails
  • Horse-riding – riding beautiful Icelandic horses in moonscape old volcanic landscapes
  • Cycling – exploring the town by bike is fantastic
  • Snorkeling in the crystal clear fissure springs
  • Fishing – fishing in the most beautiful surroundings – fish for arctic char amongst others…
  • Jeep Safaris


  • Cars and bikes are the best means of ‘getting around’ Iceland doesn’t have a major city type infrastructure.
  • Renting a 4×4  – and exploring is a great idea for a few days In Reykjavik explore on foot or rent some bikes!
  • Helicopter trips over these landscapes and waterfalls are a real treat!!

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