Inspiration for 2023 Journeys. Amankora in The Happiest Country.

When a friend shares a video of a Sahara sunset with the Call to Prayer resonating in the background, I immediately want to pack my bags and escape! An ethereal sound draws me back to my many Moroccan memories.

Where to go 2023? Snippets from some of my most memorable Journeys. Bhutan, after our dreadful lockdowns and slow start to travel, imagine visiting The Happiest Country – What You Need Now!

Nothing prepared me for my Journey to this tiny Himalayan country, memories still wash over me in waves. Staying in five individual Amankora properties, meeting gentle and kind locals, hiking through mountain landscapes unlike any other, dining on local delicious delicacies, wandering through colorful ancient temples, and learning Bhutanese customs. Paro landing is a thrill, the plane needles a path through the narrow craggy mountain pass that only 12 pilots are licensed to fly, the majesty of the Himalayan Mountain landscape may be your first impression. The most welcoming kind people, a religious ceremony or dance almost every day, encounters with Nomads and their ponies who winter below the highest peaks.  An Aman Journey to encompass all five resorts over 10 – 12 days.

Arrows & Alcohol in Bhutan. When passing through a Bhutanese village, say on a Saturday morning, do keep a look out for local villagers competing in field archery matches. Archers gather under a colorful flag draped canopy; half of each team shoots, while those not shooting, mingle and praise their teammates and boisterously jeer the opposing team. It’s an animated competition, players dressed in their traditional robes or Gho and knee-high black socks. The handsome archers bedecked in brilliantly tinted scarves attract admiration as the vibrant scarves denote their prowess and proficiency.

Dinner in a Potato Shed- I’ll never forget this amazing dinner in Bhutan!

Advance planning is necessary to visit the Kingdom of Happiness, but of course you knew Happiness is not instantly achieved! Highly Recommend and we would love to introduce you to our Bhutan teams.