Yachting? Oh Captain! Croatia Cruising

Yachts rarely make the credits in a movie, but boats have held leading roles on the silver screen for eons. Our roster of superb charters have included Regina, a stunning sailing yacht featured in the James Bond ‘Skyfall’ film. Charter areas have migrated from Turkey and are now dotting the shores of  the most popular seas off of Croatia. Croatia is one of Europe’s most stunning sailing grounds with more than 1,200 islands off this part of the Adriatic coast. From a base in Dubrovnik, Trogir, Zaton and, new for 2018, Pula, you can explore the Kornati and Krka national parks with their waterfalls, lively ports, uninhabited islands and protected coves. One of Europe’s most fascinating countries, Croatia’s thriving cities, ancient monuments, stunning national parks and distinctive gastronomy are attracting increasing numbers of tourists to this incredible destination.

Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel

We would suggest arriving at Tivat and soaking in the luxury of the Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel for several days in Montenegro. Located south of Budva, this stunning Aman resort sits along Montenegro’s magnificent stretch of coastline and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. An atmospheric peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic Sea, Aman Sveti Stefan is a place of complete beauty and escape, set amid the natural splendor and historical riches of Montenegro. There isn’t a dock at the hotel, but we have the yacht anchor out off the hotel, and our crew will motor in and fetch you from a small tender dock at the hotel, begin the Journey in utter style and comfort!

Once you have boarded your luxury yacht, cruise for 5 – 7 days, enjoying the chic highlights of southern Croatia. Need more? Why not cap off your week with a quick flight to Venice where we will reserve the Dogaressa Suite at the Cipriani, a veritable oasis in the heart of Venice, as you benefit from the refreshing pool. It is a suite fit for a Queen, with a classic vista of the basin of San Marco, captured like a Canaletto painting and framed in floor-to-ceiling gothic windows. Or perhaps you yearn for a very special private palazzo in this ultra-chic city? We have many exceptional properties, many of which are not available to the less than discerning visitors. And did I mention the remarkable private touring options while in Venice?

With an Adriatic coastline of more than 1,750 km and 1,246 islands and islets, incorporating some truly breath-taking beachscapes, Croatia is a wonderful place to explore by luxury yacht.

Grad Hvar

The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are among the most famous in the Mediterranean region. Wild, rugged, and mostly uninhabited, many are protected as national parkland and offer a varied and diverse cruising ground for an Agana yacht charter vacation. The cruising is splendid, encompassing long and short passages to charming anchorages amid rocky islets, ancient villages steeped in history, and translucent waters.

It might come as a surprise, but Croatia is a well-known destination for foodies –year after year, fresh seafood and excellent wines exceed the expectations of those who come to this little corner of the eastern Mediterranean. Our Captains have resourced the most exclusive shell farms for on the spot oyster tasting direct from the docks or reserve a table at a local restaurant near the best oyster farm bay, where the oysters are prized for intense flavor. Anchor out and pluck oysters from the shell over a sizzling grill over a wood fire and to accompany these tasty morsels, a refreshing Croatian white wine.


Oysters are considered one of the delicacies on offer and what is so special about the ones cultivated in Malostonski Bay is that they belong to an almost extinct species called the European oyster. Visitors are fascinated by the fact that it’s possible to eat them straight from the sea — the waters of the Adriatic are that clean! The Dalmatian coast has a very long tradition of mariculture. Written chronicles dating back to ancient Roman times mention oyster farming in the area, using a more primitive version of the way it is done today. Records from the 17th-century provide details about the collection and sale of oysters, while companies dedicated to oyster cultivation started developing at the beginning of the 19th-century.

An Agana yacht charter typically focuses on the more than 30 islands off the central Dalmatian Coast near the city of Split, including lovely Solta, Hvar, Vis, and Brac. The Kornati National Park lies to the north, with a mostly barren landscape. So many small and large islands are in the park it has been likened to a maze of unparalleled natural beauty. Pristine beaches, lively nightlife, fine cuisine, secluded coves, fascinating historic sites, and an unspoiled natural setting make an Agana yacht charter an unforgettable adventure on the water.

And of course, you can rely on our private guides in every port to share local history, provide a list of the hottest Hvar nightlife locations, and reserve loungers and dinner at the chic beach clubs – dance till dawn if inclined and welcome the sunrise!

An Agana yacht charter features a wonderful blend of the historic and the natural, with ancient cities and towns situated in beautiful harbors fronting islands with sandy beaches and lush vegetation. Serene anchorages far from the crowds or bustling towns with boutiques, restaurants, and bars are all attractions of the central Dalmatian Coast, where wildlife abounds, the snorkeling is excellent, and history is ever present. A Croatian luxury yacht Journey is a voyage into some of the prettiest offshore channels in the Mediterranean region, a sojourn to remember on the Adriatic Sea.

Ports of Call:
The main square in Dubrovnik Old Town is alive at night with many outdoor restaurants and cafes.  If weather allows, the yacht can anchor in the bay near Old Town and access all town activities by ship’s tender. Culture Club Revelin is a snazzy nightclub in the Old Town Fortress walls.  Banje Beach is outside Old Town, and usually has a tender dock to deliver the guests by ship’s tender. The Sky Bar next to Pile Gate, Cele, outdoors in the main square. Where can you find monarchs, Jedi, spies and dragons? Dubrovnik has hosted a captivating array of worlds recently from Sherwood Forest stand-ins to Game of Thrones filming locations. Its historical beauty, cobbled roads, and ancient buildings, the city is now Hollywood’s newest filming location of choice, let us help you visit the film locations during your cruise!

Social life on the island of Hvar centers on Hvar Town, and the Pakleni Islands bordering Hvar Town Harbor.  Hvar Town Harbor is a large protected harbor, with very calm water, and is a great location to be anchored for several days if desired. Social life in Hvar Town begins with sundowner cocktails at Hula Hula Bar, reachable from the yacht by ship’s tender, festivities continue in the main square, and at midnight, Carpe Diem nightclub opens on the harbor front. Carpe Diem beach in the Pakleni Islands is open from 10:00am to 5:00am and is a grand location at night. The ship’s tender can deliver guests right to Carpe Diem Beach, or the yacht can anchor during the day right off of Carpe Diem Beach. Nightlife is vibrant in Hvar Town with many popoular bars and restaurants.

Our experienced Captain and crew know the best spots and will assure you the best off yacht tables. Coupled with our on the ground luxury team for ports of call touring, why isn’t Croatia on your list this summer?