Triple Creek Ranch Activities

Puzzler Alert! Stave Puzzle Weekend April 26 – April 30, 2018
. Puzzle to Your Heart’s Content. If you haven’t ever mastered a fine wooden Stave Puzzle, this is a great time to introduce yourself to these collectible fiercely challenging puzzles, they are works of art, not a standard cardboard puzzle.

Triple Creek Ranch in Montana offers a full range of activities besides Ranch related riding and fishing. Sitting down to one of the Stave puzzle boards in the Triple Creek Activity Center or fireside in the Rooftop Lounge is a favorite pastime for Triple Creek Ranch guests. These devilish, hand-carved creations are the cause of much vexation and delight!

In 2016 the Ranch welcomed their first group of puzzlers to an official Stave Puzzle Weekend. The intimate, tranquil nature of Triple Creek Ranch proved to be a great setting to focus on these fun, diabolical puzzle challenges and the weekend was a great success! They will host the Annual Stave Puzzle Weekend from April 26 through April 30, 2018 and once again the team from Stave Puzzles will join the guests at the Ranch. Learn more about the creation of these masterful mind-teasers and test your skill alongside fellow guests for chances to win a prized Stave Puzzle.

All puzzling activities are included in the all-inclusive nightly cabin rate. It is a perfect excuse to slip away for a weekend, cozied up with tea or a glass of wine to exercise your mind! Take a break from puzzling for a horseback ride or hike through endless miles of Montana forest.

I can attest to the delicious cuisine and comfy cabins at Triple Creek, why not escape to the woods for a cozy weekend of puzzling with riding and hiking breaks!