Artful Travel – Meet Juan Carlos Breceda

Recent discovery at a small but well stocked gallery at Esperanza Resort, Cabo. I love learning about local artists when I travel. Juan Carlos Breceda’s art work at Esperanza is well displayed in the outdoor lobby and the art gallery, his whimsical blue nosed women and animals spoke to me for a few days and I knew at least one would return with me. Cuba to Cabo, paintings always find a way to my walls!

Most of Juan Carlos’ artwork is COBRA-style, mixed-media on paper. His works share an intensity in the color schemes, a thrust in the brush work, an energy bordering on fierceness and sternness. Applying rough brush strokes of contrasting colors, discarding depth or perspective, Breceda creates simple forms filled with energy. Women and animals are the central theme in his work. A woman is repeated. Her enormous eyes, steady gaze and harsh features, do not diminish her softness or sensuality.

Juan Carlos Breceda was born in 1958 in Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico. He studied art at National School of Painting, Sculpture and Carving, “La exmeralda”, as well as the famous San Carlos Art School. Teachers knew that he had a unique style and he began exhibiting his art in Mexico City, doing several private showings as well as shows at a well known gallery in Lomas.

Juan Carlos has been the recipient of many national prizes, including the 1997 National Contest of drawing and painting at the National Auditorium Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico. Breceda has exhibited in the U.S., South America, and Europe. His style is contemporary and is well received by interior designers and art galleries.