Best Security Sites -Travel Safe

No matter where we travel in the US or abroad, one should have a few basic sites noted in their pda. Some of my favorite sites are here:

Not everyone might be a Facebook fan, but signing up can provide up to date information about events all over the world, photos are almost instantly added to the site. 

The US State Department issues advisories: for the long view on safety; some feel the site is overly cautious and colored by political overtones, and not as immediate as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Travellr ( Need an answer about security in your destination? Ask travellr, response answered by volunteer globetrotters, an international community of expert volunteers.

Facebook ( do a search for destination, add it to your ‘likes’ list, you can interact with locals and visitors by posting comments.

Twitter ( on the street reports might be hard to verify, but in an emergency situation, it can be particularly useful. The search engine will give you on the scene tweets from others in your location.

LOCAL NEWS Online current events from English language newspapers in your destination.

Overseas Security Advisory Council ( OSAC is a  partnership of US owned businesses, private sector interests, and the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security that emails a daily newsletter with updates on safety and crime.

ASI Group ( This global risk management firm will send you a daily Hot Spots briefing with threat level analyses and security news from countries around the world

Centers for Disease Control ( Click on the interactive CDC destination map for updates on disease outbreaks around the world, recommended vaccinations, and other health precautions.