Client Review Cheval Blanc Randheli.  The Hushed Haven of the Maldives.

Impossibly tranquil, undeniably divine. The ocean at your doorsteps, and fragrant gardens at your fingertips. Paradise found; alarm clocks lost. Eternity is spent in an atoll of fluffy white pillows.

Cheval Blanc Randheli

Client Review: ‘Cheval Blanc was over the top the best resort experience we’ve ever enjoyed.  The attention to detail is beyond as is everything about this place. Our villa was very private, luxurious and in very good shape considering the resort is ten years old. It is total White Lotus when you arrive but so funny because no-one working there has seen the show! They have binders at every terminal with photos of each guest and profile. Even the man raking in the morning says hello to you by name and all wished my husband a Happy Birthday! ‘

The service is near perfect, and I am very conscious of what this effort takes.

As an example: they even have small linen sheaths to cover the temperature controls at night, so the light doesn’t bother you…we sent a load of laundry and my torn slip came back repaired, I was missing my animals and found a beautiful sand drawing on our pathway of two kitties in the evening…just beyond.

Hands down, the BEST food at any resort, ever.  All five restaurants were superb. The pastry chef Remi spent two hours with me teaching me about cocoa bean fermentation, tasting new varieties of chocolate. I could have spent all day with him, experimenting.  

Cheval Blanc Randheli

They run an amazing ship and have it down. The bartender is an active mixologist, perfect for me, and shared many a recipe and enthusiasm for all things cocktail.

Spa is beautiful, services very good, I think my husband enjoyed a total of six treatments and was putty in their hands. Will venture back there for sure!

Pre client arrival, we share a document with each hotel of what our clients enjoy…we always say Nothing is Too Personal.