Cheval Blanc, Paris Luxury Abounds!

Clients have stayed and adored this new gem on the Seine, I recently stayed and swooned! In the heart of Paris, the swanky property falls into the ultimate see-and-be-seen hotel.

Facing the Left Bank, a stroll away from the Louvre and the Marais, sits Cheval Blanc. Originally the classic La Samaritaine, circa 1870 French department store, which closed in 2005. LVMH purchased the building and transformed it into the glamorous high end haute brand hotel and six floor shopping mall.

The 72 rooms were designed by interior designer Peter Marino, who created the fabulous LVMH fashion boutiques, Bulgari, Chanel, and multiple Louis Vuitton shops. A combination of bespoke and vintage furnishings provides glamour on every wall, floor, and even the elevators, nothing but extraordinary finishes and touches.

Cheval Blanc Steam Shower

The art filled lobby is the welcoming point with a dazzling display of two imposing abstract works by Vik Muniz and an epic George Mathieu painting. The white horse sculpture is by celebrated architect, Frank Gehry, who designed Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Cheval Blanc Suite, Paris

The interiors showcase an abundance of luxurious textures, shapes, and unique hues, primarily a medley of opulent golds and cream. Woven ironworks, canvas, textiles, and unique stonework which must have generated an entire guild of craftspeople.

Under the Pont-Neuf, the oldest bridge in the city, flows the Seine and coincidentally, the dazzling 30-meter pool sits at the same level of the Seine. Viewing the pool on my first visit, it was essential to swim laps on my stay. The long walls consist of a video scene depicting a mesmerizing version of outdoors. It is constantly changing, waves gently lap, flocks of bird’s flap noiselessly and land in trees. The ceiling is mirrored reflecting the blue and green and golden tiles and the ongoing outdoor scene. One of the most stunning pools I’ve ever seen. The design is by Franco-Isreali artist Yorame Mevorach, also known as Oyoram.

My Junior Suite Balcony facing the Seine had table and chairs for outdoor dining or just gazing at the glorious Paris skyline punctuated with every famed landmark, a postcard montage as it were. The grand dome of Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower, and the gloomy view of the scaffolded Notre Dame, under repair, its soul shattered by fire. I sat for hours spying on the promenade of locals and tourists crossing the Pont Neuf, lovers gazing at the sunset, businessmen lost in thought scurrying across the bridge, kids on scooters, it’s a lively scene.

The Suite – oh the amenities are too numerous to count! A spacious bedroom with an elegant desk and comfy lounge area, ideal for in room dining or lounging. Soft warm tones, no bright colors interrupt the calming sea of ivory and white marble in the enormous bathroom. Steam shower, of course, grand marble tub for two, check, separate dressing room, with space for two guests. The fragrant bath products designed by Dior perfumer François Demachy depict the shape of the building, nothing is less than perfect!

Does your safe include a device for winding your watch? The Cheval Blanc safe provides this glamorous amenity.

High tech touches designed for the lay person traveler, everything could be controlled from panels by the bed, and an in-room iPad which also had room controls and info about the hotel. Tribe of the Bed Girl is addicted to Pillow Menus, each offering printed on a perfect designer pillow.

The space is impressively designed with a hallway minibar offering everything from Cheval Blanc candles from each property, a Nespresso machine, snacks, and beverages.

In Europe it isn’t considered unusual to offer fine dining on property – most U.S. hotels lack this, and I think American mentality often dismisses the concept of a five-star restaurant within hotels.

There are four dining options within the hotel: Plénitude is Cheval Blanc’s fine-dining restaurant, run by Chef Arnaud. Donckele; on the first floor. Langosteria is Cheval Blanc’s most popular dining palace, an Italian restaurant.  Le Tout-Paris is all-day dining and is located on the rooftop level. Limbar, an all-day cafe; it’s located on the ground floor, and during the day it has pastries, coffee, and snacks, and in the evenings, it turns into a cocktail bar.

Spa Dior Cheval Blanc Paris takes an avant-garde approach to provide a uniquely original experience. In the heart of the vibrant City of Light, Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris is a haven of serenity offering total immersion in the world of the House of Dior. Offering features 48 different treatment options, this exceptional setting was the brainchild of decorator Peter Marino, in the spirit of a Parisian flat where each object is a vivid tribute to the codes of the House and to the life of Christian Dior. Stunning interiors meet state of the art – a holistic immersion of Dior.

Cheval Blanc is not a Palace Hotel, it lacks gardens and other than roof top dining, no outdoor space for mingling. Built around water and drop-dead views, you may forgo museum outings and decide to nest on your terrace all day. Highly Recommend!