Athens, Chocolatier!

Travel anywhere and you can be certain if there is a fine chocolatier, I consider it an obligation to share my resources!

Aristokratikon Athens Chocolate

A block away from the Grande Hotel Bretagne, turn right on the the busy corner and look for one of the finest chocolate workshops.

Since its establishment in1928, Aristokratikon has remained faithful to the traditional values of rich authentic chocolate, fine taste and pure ingredients. The family insistence on quality and select Greek ingredients delivers yummy fresh hand made products. My local guide, who seemed to know everyone introduced me to the family owners, the guardians of Aristokratikon’s history.

Aristokratikon Athens Chocolate

Friendly family explained the history of their shop, offered me a tasting sampler, and shared which chocolate would travel best. This is not a shop to ask for secret family recipes, every chocolate is freshly prepared using the purest of Greek ingredients and is a unique part of the history of Aristokratikon.

Passion, professionalism and pride was radiated by the family members who were in the shop. Almost across the street from Syntagma, on Voulis street, and also in Kifisia, the beautiful packaging competes with the extraordinary taste and variety of offerings.

Truffles and pralines, dried fruit, candies and marzipan, crunchy or creamy, designs for all seasons, made with high quality ingredients.

Aristokratikon Athens, Greece