Local Food Dining – Le Hibou Blanc, Megève 

1:00 pm Saturday June 16.

Apparently, Le Hibou Blanc has a sister restaurant in Paris, The Owl Cafe in the Odeon district. My needs were quite simple, explore the ancient medieval village, people watch, savor an authentic bistro lunch. Enthusiastic World Cup cheers emanated from the bar tv next door, Le Hibou Blanc, offered al fresco dining overlooking the lively medieval square. The bistro is surrounded by the old districts and narrow streets of the village and its cool little hidden alleyways.

Le Hibou Blanc, Megève

Sun or shadow, Madame?  Shadow, please!  Comfy bench seating padded by sheep skin, it was the perfect location for people watching and traditional bistro lunch. Wine, oui!

A bustling Saturday lunch scene, multi-generation tables, grandparents not minding the grandkids or the petite dog under the table. Each passing chien responded to a barked greeting. At a table across from me, a young family dined with their daughter who played with a put-together pony corral; I heard a whinny of ponies before I noticed her; I honestly thought a horse was in the square, she was completely absorbed in her make-believe world. I didn’t see a single cell phone zombie, which was very refreshing!

Le Hibou Blanc, Megève. Shadow seating

The ancient church, Eglise Saint-Jean Baptiste, in the village centre, dates to the 12th century, the oldest parts date from 13th century and its main wooden door from 1692. It’s blanketed under scaffolding, but the pealing bells chimed every thirty minutes as the world passed by: Alpine bike riders fresh from conquering the steep mountain paths, locals gossiping and tourists checking out menus.

Avocado halves dribbled with mustard and lemon vinaigrette. Paillard de Poulet, seasonal green beans, warm baguette, and un café express, of course.

Avocado halves dribbled with mustard and lemon vinaigrette. Le Hibou Blanc, Megève

Paillard de Poulet. Le Hibou Blanc, Megève.

Le Hibou Blanc, Megève

Le Hibou Blanc, Megève

Le Hibou Blanc, Megève


Le Hibou Blanc,  18 rue Charles Feige, Megève