Temple Bar NY – Closing December 31

From September 2013 Posting …Off the beaten track and worth the search, seek out the elegant Temple Bar on Lafayette Street in the Village, the green door marked only by a gecko drawing. You want the left Gecko, not the right Gecko.

Thank you Barbara Tanis and David Tanis for inviting me!

You will be reminded of bygone days, of novel and film scenes of the 1940’s in this elegant and handsome bar, the barmen are serious mixologists who take inordinate pleasure in their unique offerings. Traditional and creative drinks are presented with vigorous shakes and generous pours.

A stylish cocktail lounge, decorated with walls of mahogany, dim moody lighting, a long bar sweeps across the room, snuggle in the luxurious leather chairs or perch in the comfy bar stools.

Simple but well prepared bar bites: Deviled Eggs, Fresh Guacamole, Ginger Glazed Spare Ribs…I would suggest a Rye Manhattan on the rocks or as the bartender pointed out on the rock – singular. One large square ice cube the size of an orange – colossal cube is the new trend, doesn’t dissipate the drink. Who knew?

Loved the cheeky bartender who prepares Ginger Beer every few days, he said I could take the menu when he wasn’t looking! David, have you figured out the recipe yet?

332 Lafayette St, New York, NY

Sad News, Temple Bar is closing December 31, 2017