Dare 2 Fly?

Punta Mita calling with the hottest water toy around. Get into the surf and Flyboard through the water and into the air on a thrust propelled board. Surf the sky, swim as deep as a dolphin or propel up to 40 feet into the clear blue sky from the warm Punta Mita surf!

Flyboard Punta MitaFlyboard is pure excitement and fun!  First developed in 2011, it uses the thrust of a jet ski to propel the board through the water or into the air.  With nearly 400 pounds of lift, this heart thumping, adrenaline-producing ride is a thrill a second. Instant addiction! Anyone can do it.  It may look extreme and difficult, but it’s not. Suitable and safe for all ages, everyone has an astounding experience.  Because anyone can “fly,” it makes Flyboard a perfect activity for families with teens.

Your heart will pump the first second you feel the lift of the board and start to ascend out of the water.  Before long, you are easily shooting yourself out of the water and holding your place as you fly above the surface.

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Dare 2 Fly!


Flyboard Punta Mita