Trailhead Spa at Brush Creek Ranch

As you may have read from my last few posts, I am an enthusiastic member of the Spa Tribe. Prolonged tedious travel following days tied to my desk truly necessitate a session with a strong masseuse.

After a few days enjoying cowgirl activities at the fabulous Brush Creek Ranch, including afternoon trail rides, fishing, and a high speed excursion dashing through dusty rock strewn trails in a Ranger vehicle, one begins to feel like a settler in the Old West – i.e. caked with dirt. Lesson learned – Cowgirls or Cowboys should accessorize with a calico face kerchief, not just a fashion statement, a lung saver! Too late – the Ranger ride was a separate experience, deserving of it’s own blog post. Spa treatment is essential in the plains.Brush Creek Ranch Trailhead Spa practices wellness and renewal in the plush spa rooms; begin your escape in the steam room or sauna and decide which venue best suits your mood. Indulge in a massage at the remote Falcon Peak overlook, with majestic views of Brush Creek and the Sierra Madre Mountain range. Or as I desired, mosey in the Ranger with your masseuse through the sage scented prairie to an authentic Native American Teepee located on the banks of the Platte River. Luxury meets rusticity on the riverbank.

Burning sage begins the experience, become one with the lazy flow of the river and imagine floating through the gentle waters. Solitude only interrupted by the gentle gurgle of the river and the flapping of the teepee as a gentle breeze rustles the canvas. An occasional bird tweet may remind you of your majestic surroundings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAh, life on the prairie – or the Ranch as it is. Highly recommend Teepee Spirit Journey – renewed and refreshed.

The word tipi or teepee, meaning “a dwelling” is a word translated from the Lakota language; the Lakota were among the original tribes in the North Platte River Basin.

Spirit Journey (teepee only). 
This silent treatment begins with a traditional sage cleanse, followed by an intuitive and vibrational massage using a Wyoming native herb-infused oil blend, specifically picked for the healing, calming and spiritually uplifting properties. Allow your body and mind to release, helping you to connect to the intuitive wisdom of your inner being, while listening to the sounds of nature.

Additional Spa Offerings

Blissful Meadows – Private hike, 60 min yoga & 60 min BCR signature massage.

Sweet Serenity – Private hike, 80 min yoga, 30 min guided mediation, 90 min BCR signature massage.

Trailhead Signature Escape – 60 min BCR signature massage, 60 min field of greens facial, 30 min express manicure, and a 30 min express pedicure.

Tribal Bliss Experience – 90 min Wyoming river stone massage, 90 min kindred spirit facial, 60 min aromatic manicure, and 60 min aromatic pedicure.

Decadent Delights chocolate truffles, fresh fruit and champagne for 2 mimosa mornings. Whiskey river.